IssueBooking DeadlineDistribution starts
December 2016 / January 2017Fri 11th NovemberThurs 24th November
February / March 2017Fri 13th JanuaryThurs 26th January
April / May 2017Fri 10th MarchThurs 23rd March
June / July 2017Fri 5th MayThurs 18th May
August / September 2017Fri 7th JulyThurs 20th July
October / November 2017Fri 8th SeptemberThurs 21st September
December / January 2017Fri 3rd NovemberThurs 16th November


Your advertisement specifications

Do I have to design my own advert?

No you don’t. If you don’t have your own graphic designer we would actually prefer to do it for you. Advert design by us starts at just £20 plus VAT. All we would ask you to do is simply provide us with some details, photos if appropriate, your logo, if you have one, and we will do the rest. It really is that simple. We will then email your advert to you for approval before publication.

Can I use my own advert?

Yes you can. We accept adverts as either high quality JPG (300dpi) or as print quality PDF  format. Adverts provided in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Publisher may not be acceptable as a fully designed advert so we reserve the right to make a charge if this requires further work.

Advert sizes:

Sixteenth Page: 58mm x 20mm – landscape
Eighth Page: 58mm x 40mm – landscape
Quarter page: 58mm x 85mm – portrait
Half page: 120mm x 85mm – landscape
Half Page: 180mm x 58mm – portrait
Full Page: 120mm x 180mm
Full Page – 154mm x 216mm – includes 3mm bleed