How much does advertising cost?

Advert SizeOne Issue RateThree Issue RateThree Issue Booking
Price per issue*Cost per month*
Full Page£300£256£128
Half Page£175£148£74
Quarter Page£120£102£51
Eighth PageN/A£60£30
Sixteenth PageN/A£30£15
*All prices shown exclude VAT at 20%.
Please enquire about premium page availability and rates.
What's On listing for profit making non-community events. £25

The Connection is a bi-monthly publication, therefore a three issue booking lasts for six months.
You can be assured that trying to sell you the biggest advert is not what we are about. In fact we are more likely to suggest a smaller one which allows you to keep your advert in for longer, as you never know when someone will want to use your business or the service you offer. That way you know that when they pick up The Connection you are going to be in there.


Our prices vary depending on the following:

1. What size advert you require. Our smallest advert which is a sixteenth of a page costs just £30 plus VAT. We also offer an eighth, quarter, half and full page.

2. How many issues are booked. We give discount on regular three issue bookings.

3. Whether you require a premium position within the magazine. Premium positions are: inside front and back, outside cover, centre pages and pages 5,7 and 9.


Payment can be made by cheque, BACS, debit or credit card.

Our rates are very competitive and we have options to suit all budgets.

Further enquiries and how to book

You can reach us on 01787 210701 or email your request here.